Friday, May 13, 2011

Specialites TA Pro Vis 5 Re-issue

Specialites TA are re-issuing the Pro Vis 5, Cyclo Touriste.  Again.

After an approximate 3 year hiatus, I read today that the Rene Herse store will be selling a new batch of TA Pro 5 Vis Cyclo Touriste cranksets to the US market starting May 20, 2011.  This is no less than the third re-issue of this classic crankset despite repeated balks of a "final" re-issues .  The photo of this crankset shown on the Rene Herse store website appears to be decorated with the modern TA Specialites logo, but is posed with the original foil stickers that are still available, but at an extra cost.

Photo from Rene Herse store website

The re-issue may have been prompted by the successful, Taiwanese made, Velo Orange Gran Cru 50.4 bcd crankset.  These cranks aren't cheap.  As a matter of fact they make the price Velo Orange used to sell them for a few years back seem like a real bargin. But also remember that batch also sold out very quickly (maybe a few months tops) and will likely add fuel to the price of vintage versions of these cranksets that sell on ebay too.

Just posting this as a heads up to anyone has been looking for a new or vintage set of these, better decide soon.  The price is just way too rich for my blood.  I first read of this news at a great blog called La Reuda Tropical.  Definitely a great read and resource on fine bicycles, components and various other cycling related materials.

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