Friday, January 20, 2012

Frame Braze-ons

The Raleigh International frame that I will be using for this project is a solid frame, but what I dislike about it are the lack of braze-ons.  I'm not exactly sure why bicycles in the 1970's used so many clamp on components (maybe to save weight?), but I find clamp on components and guides to be ugly.  Some braze-ons that I may apply to the frame are as follows:

Shifters; The clamp-on item I will without a doubt be replacing are the shifters seen below.

The Raleigh originally sported these clamp on Campagnolo Nuovo Record Shifters.

I will be adding brazed on shifter bosses to replace the clamp-on ones, which , will be fitted with retrofriction shifter.

Cable Guides; Originally equipped with the Campagnolo cable guide seen below.  I am planning on replacing this clamp on guide with brazed-on Campagnolo cable guides as they will match the existing dropouts.

Campagnolo Cable Guide or "twin gear cable clip" as it is referred to as in Campagnolo literature
Campagnolo BB shell cable guides

Water Bottle Cage;  the Raleigh has no accomodations for water bottle cage.  I will be adding one on the downtube and one on the seattube.

Water bottle cage braze-on

Fender Mounts and Centre-Pull Brakes;  since the rear brake bridge was not designed to accommodate fenders properly, I may either have a threaded bolt added to the bridge and a threaded socket (same thread as water bottle cage braze ons).  Another interesting braze on that I have seen added underneath the fork crown can be seen below.  The installation of a daruma performs the same function as this braze-on.

This photo shows centre-pull braze-ons being added to a fork crown.  Also note the fender mount at the bottom of the steer tube.

This is how Peter Weigle has added centre-pull braze-ons to his Cirque '08 winning randonneur .  It uses a style similar to a Jo Routens brake bridge.  Note the integrated Fender mounting bolt, nice.

Pump Peg;  I may also add a pump peg to this frame, perhaps somewhere in the rear triangle.  I use the pump peg on one of my other bicycles, which, is located under the top tube.  This is a poor location in my opinion, as it makes carrying the bicycle on your shoulder uncomfortable.

Positioning the pump in the rear triangle keeps it out of the way 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Project Bike

As I had mentioned in my last posting, winter weather has (sort of) begun here in Toronto, which, has led me to pick up once again with this sportif bicycle project.  I have acquired several components over the summer and fall, but have not found the time to write about them.  The most important piece I now have is a project frame courtesy of my friend Gary seen below rescuing said frame.

Gary found this frame waiting on a curb for the garbage truck to take away about 10 years ago.  What he recovered was a champagne colour, 70's Raleigh International; probably 1974 or so.  The paint is a bit rough and it had no wheels, but the frame has hardly any rust and no dents to speak of.  The Raleigh International was designed as a light touring frame, but was oddly built up with Campagnolo Nuovo Record racing components with tubular wheels.

1974 Raleigh International catalogue

The frame and fork are made entirely of Reynolds 531 tubing using Nervex profesional lugs.  The chrome plating on my bike is a bit pitted and I have not yet attempted to clean it up, so depending on the condition, I may or may not paint over the chrome bits.  I'm unsure whether I want to update this frame by adding braze-ons and giving it a new paint job or to try to restore it.  I suppose the updating of the frame is mostly dependent upon where I can get the work done and the cost.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Perfect Sportif?

Been on a break.  I had meant to post about this bicycle a while ago.  The bicycle photo seen below I found while reading through Mike Berry's Bike Specicalites blog a few months ago.  With this bicycle Mr. Barry and a friend rode the Raid Pyrenean in 1981, which is a 710 km ride from the Atlantic coast of France to the Mediterranean Sea across 18 cols (mountains/climbs/passes) through the French Pyrenees.

1981 Mariposa "Mountain" Bicycle

This bicycle incorporates some great features including a three arm T.A. crankset, Sanyo bottom bracket mounted dynamo, brazed on centre-pull brakes, pantographed stem and I especially like the custom rear rack.  I have finally obtained a frame for this project and have decided to add some braze-ons to customize it.  I will begin posting my progress again shortly.