Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Grocery Getter

I have recently been building up a grocery getter/beater bicycle since progress on my sportif bicycle has slowed again. There were a few components I was basing the build around, namely a Velo Orange porteur rack, Suntour thumb shifters and a 650b wheelset. I also was adamant about using a rigid frame mountain bicycle frame.  The reason behind the want to use a mountain bike in particular are that they are plentiful, cheap, they have longer wheel base (more stability), a variety of braze-ons for racks, cantilever brake studs and if you find a decent brand of bicycle, quality components may also be already installed.

Having made up my mind about pursuing this project, I headed to my local community bicycle shop (Bike Sauce) and proceeded to look for a 'diamond' in the rough. Lots of bicycles to choose from, mostly too junky for my liking and a few frames that were even too nice for what I was looking for. I came across a bicycle that is either a 94 or 95 Specialized Hardrock Ultra (the model name totally sold me) that was in pretty good shape. I stripped the frame of all of its components except the rear derailleur.  The frame was built up with Shimano Alivio components, which appear to be essentially heavier versions of Deore parts. I will update my progress on this build up as it unfolds.

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